Sun Safety

Keeping safe

Staying safe in the sun whilst having fun is very important.

If you are heading to the beach, playing in the park or out in your own garden, it’s really important to think about sun protection for young children.

In the peak of summer young children can easily become burnt from the sun’s UV rays.

Always ensure you pack your sun cream, sun hats, sun glasses and a water bottle if you’re going out for the day.

sun safety

Harry's top tips

Stay in the shade when possible especially between 11am and 3pm.

Use a parasol or shade from a tree if possible.

Drink plenty of water.

Encourage children to drink more especially if they have been running around.

Use a good suncream. It should be at least factor 30 and have 4-star UVA protection.

Follow the instruction on how, and when, to apply it throughout the day.

Use a sun hat and sunglasses.

A wide brimmed hat helps cover a child’s face and neck.

For comprehensive advice on sunscreen and sun safety please visit the NHS website:

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#1. Which item would be best to wear on a sunny day?

#2. How often should you be drinking water on a hot day?

#3. When should you avoid going outside on a hot day?

#4. A sunscreen should have a UVA rating of how many stars?

#5. How often should you apply suncream?