What is litter?

Litter consists of waste products that have been discarded incorrectly in places it doesn’t belong such as by the road, in parks, in lakes or on the beach.

These items could be paper, tin cans, glass bottles, plastic bags or other items which have been thrown away or discarded by people.

Litter can be harmful to both humans and animals.


Recycling is the process of converting waste products into new materials or objects.

A lot of different items can be recycled including paper, plastic, glass, metal, textiles and electronic equipment.

Recycling items helps to reduce landfill.

About two-thirds of landfilled waste is biodegradable. This waste rots, decomposes and produces harmful gases (Carbon Dioxide and Methane), adding to global warming.

Where to recycle

Most households have recycling bins or boxes which can be left out weekly or fortnightly for collection by the local council.

Local recycling centres also offer opportunities to drop off recyclable items, old electronics and textiles.

Junk modelling

Why not get creative with your junk and use it as part of an activity. Click the activity sheet image above for some junk modelling inspiration.