Healthy Eating

Healthy Food

Good nutrition sits at the heart of a healthy lifestyle.

We believe it is essential for children’s natural growth, it’s central to their concentration, learning and development too, helping them get the most from their time at nursery.

Eating is about more than food: it is a social event too, so our practitioners join children’s mealtimes. This encourages interaction between children, good table manners and development of social skills. It is also the ideal way to offer children a little help if needed, answer their questions about food and praise their independence.



Recipes to try at home

Each of these recipes are easy to cook and refined sugar free.

Pitta pizzas

Making your own pitta pizza is a fun and creative activity. Click the activity sheet for our simple recipe.

Food for Life

A Food for Life Served Here logo demonstrates that the majority of food on the menu will be freshly prepared, it will always be free from undesirable trans fats, sweeteners and additives, be cooked by trained chefs, and use ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources.

If the award is Silver or Gold then you can expect more ethical, environmentally friendly and local ingredients, and steps to make healthy eating easier.

You can find out more information on the Food for Life website here