About Harry

Who is Harry the Hippo?

Harry is a popular figure in every Childbase nursery helping children learn important messages about safety and how to be kind to the planet.

This website has been set up to share ideas, activities and information on the key topics of:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. The Environment

We hope that you will find the website useful and enjoy trying some of the activity suggestions at home.


Harry's friends

Harry has lots of friends who help him in his adventures.

Gordon the Grasshopper and his insect friends are always available to help Harry and the children to look after the environment, stay safe and healthy.

Childbase have created a number of books which have been given to children as free gifts.

Recent stories have included:

  1. Harry and the Bug Hotel
  2. Harry and the Giant Pumpkin
  3. Counting with Harry
  4. Colours with Harry